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  1. How To Take Proper Care Of Your Work Uniform

    Corporate Uniform Singapore

    Corporate uniforms are symbol of professionalism and employees can be considered the face of the company when they don them. If work uniforms are not maintained properly, it gives off a sloppy and unprofessional look, which reflects badly on not just on the person wearing it, but also the company.

    As a work uniform is something you wear every day, proper upkeep is vital so they last as long as possible and help you look your best too. 

    Here are some tips on how to take proper care of you

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  2. Understanding How A Corporate Uniform Supplier Operates

    three female staff in corporate wear uniforms

    Corporate uniforms are an increasingly popular option for businesses to help their employees stand out while working in comfort. Learn more about how corporate uniform suppliers in Singapore operate, as well as what customers should consider when engaging their services.

    In contrast to regular corporate attire where employees may vary widely in dress and expression, corporate uniforms ensure that employees project the same image and represent a

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  3. Little-Known Facts About Chef Workwear


    Whether we think of fancy, high-class restaurants or famous patisseries and bakeries, there’s one thing that commonly pops into our heads when we imagine who makes these delicious foods. We usually imagine trained and experienced people donning the classic, all-white uniforms that show their status as a chef.

    What does the chef’s uniform look like?

    The chef uniform,

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  4. Customising Work Uniforms To Suit Your Company's Identity

    cooking staff wearing custom workwear

    Having custom work uniforms for your staff in Singapore is a great way to portray your company’s identity and leave a lasting impression on customers while catering to employees’ needs. Here are some tips and considerations to bear in mind when choosing custom made workwear for your business.

    Consider employees’ working needs.

    When commissioning custom work uniforms for your employees in Singapore, it is important to s

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  5. Corporate Uniforms: What's Appropriate & What's Not

    Appropriate Chef Workwear

    Now that you have understood the contributions that a work uniform can give to increase your company sales and marketing, it is time to know how to wear uniforms appropriately in a workplace.

    Workwear uniforms are not just for aesthetics. It allows employees to function with ease. Whether it is a pocket placement for a chef or a knee pad for technicians, these well-thought-out designs can come off as inappropriate when worn the wrong way. Employees working almost nonstop might commit wardrobe sins, especially at work. There

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  6. What Uniforms Should My F&B Service Team Members Wear?

    Service Staff Workear Uniform

    When your customers enter your restaurant, the first people they will see are your service team. Naturally, what they wear can make or break a good first impression. In the world of hospitality, the service team wearing uniforms has a huge positive or negative impact on your restaurant business.

    It does not matter what your restaurant’s theme is going for because nothing beats a fleet of a well-dressed and well-groomed service team. Does this mean you should go to a workwear uniform shop
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  7. Why is Attaching Your Company Logo in Corporate Uniforms also an Effective Way in Spreading Brand Awareness?

     custom made corporate uniform

    When it comes to broader marketing strategies, it is time to think out of the usual advertising practices that almost all brands have used before. But, of course, it should not put a dent in your bank. You want a low-cost advertising solution that produces high brand awareness.

    What will that be? A custom made workwear featuring your company’s brand logo. These are said to enable “advertising mobility” because they can reach locals without spending on a billboard rental or a TV commercial!

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  8. What Is The Difference In The Sleeve Length On A Chef Jacket?

    Chef Workwear Jacket

    In many children cartoons and other forms of literature, a man wearing a tall white hat is immediately identified as a chef. It has been a longstanding symbol that we are all aware of, and it helps us understand their role in the story. However, when you are in the restaurant business, you should know more about the professional chef’s uniform.

    The chef workwear that you know today has a rich history. Each garment has been enhanced to serve specific purposes in protecting and assisting the wearer as they prepare food. In this article, we will only focus on one garment: the chef’s jacket. 

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  9. Ways How Corporate Uniforms Strengthen the Team Spirit of Small Companies

    Corporate Uniforms that Strengthen the Team Spirit

    As the saying goes, you are what you eat. This phrase is quite right in a business setting—you are what you wear! The way you dress affects how people see you and weigh if you are worthy of their trust. 

    The role of workwear uniforms is invaluable since it is crucial to success. Some say a corporate wear uniform is the backbone of any business. It helps anyone build a solid relationship with others. That is why it is a good idea that a company has its distinct clothing attire.

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  10. What Makes an Online Clothing Store Trustworthy?

    Corporate wear uniforms

    Your workwear uniform shop is more than just a supplier that produces corporate workwear uniforms for your employees. Their business image reflects who you are as a company. Thus, it is wise to choose the one you trust the most.

    Trust is the grounds of every strong relationship. Even though there are many uniform suppliers out there, you can’t be sure which one to trust. As a customer, it would be hard for you to complete an order on an unknown website.

    As you already know, not all online clothing stores are mad

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