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  1. 4 Tips to Look Good in Your Dress Shirts and Jackets

    Corporate wear uniforms may not be something that you can wear on a runway, but it doesn’t mean you can’t look good when wearing it! Business attire today challenges workers to find the perfect balance of professionalism and style. With only a dress shirt, outerwear jacket, and a pair of slacks to choose from, you might find it difficult to make an impression. What if we tell you that even with these essential pieces of uniform, you can still dress to look good? 

    Allow these four tips on how to add style to your corporate uniform to help you gain confidence at work and improve your appearance!

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  2. Top 2021 Trends For Work and Corporate Apparel

    Every year that world makes a complete turn, businesses get a clean slate to satisfy their clients better than before. Whether it is in the aspect of improving their products or services, it is good to welcome changes to go and swim with the tides. One way to do that is to refresh your company’s image by following 2021 trends in corporate wear uniforms! With the threat of COVID-19 to continue next year, planning a uniform redesign is vital to give your employees the protection they need. At the same time, you would want to stay ahead of the competition.


    In this article, you will learn about the 2021 uniform trends that you could follow in redesigning your comp

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  3. Choosing the Right Material of Corporate Uniform For Your Business Industry

    cutting and sewing workwear uniform

    The employees are the backbone of our businesses and keeping them happy can result in more motivated, productive, and quality performance! Your success in the business depends on them since each of them plays an important role in your business. To express your gratitude for their hard work, you want to ensure them that you are doing more than complying with safe work conditions. You can do that by providing them with high-quality workwear uniforms that would give them the extra protection that they need. It applies to any type of business industry that is present today. Therefore, whether you own a restaurant or a hotel, uniforms are an essential instrument to keep your employees happy in working f

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  4. 3 Ways a Corporate Uniform Can Help Your Sales and Marketing

    Corporate uniform for brand marketing in Singapore

    At some point in your business journey, you will reach a point when you are stuck wondering what marketing strategy you have not tried to do to potentially increase your company sales. You go over your department’s plans and realise you have successfully hired skilful salespeople, followed the trends to attract young customers, and improved your online presence yet your profit margin remains average. Well, there is another strategy that you have not considered, and that is new corporate wear uniforms! It is often used by all sectors of business that seek to increase their sales.


    In this article, you will learn about the ways of how a well-d

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  5. Three Reasons Why a Quality Work Uniform is Important

    quality work uniforms Singapore

    Recognising the high-quality of the uniform that your employees wear is crucial, just like how important it is to wear a seatbelt when you are riding a car. It could save a life! When we are talking about work uniforms in Singapore, you have to know that we are also talking about the waiters serving drinks all day long and the chefs in your kitchen cooking food from pre opening hours to closing time. They need to wear professional clothes that can be presented to the customers at the same time, protect them from kitchen mishaps.


    In this article, you will learn about why ensuring that your employees are wearing high-quality uniforms is essential. If you are in the service industry,

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  6. What Makes an Online Clothing Store Trustworthy?

    Purchasing workwear uniforms online in Singapore

    Accessibility is the strongest trait of online clothing stores. With just one tap on your phone or one click of your mouse, you can easily get the clothes that you want. You have probably bought some of your apparels online out of convenience in the fast-paced world we live in!


    However, have you ever hesitated to click the checkout button? If yes, then you can consider yourself a responsible buyer! You are one of the few who are careful with your online transactions. Since you are reading this article, you might be planning on making another purchase online soon. You might be looking specifically for a reliable online store where you can buy your cor

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  7. Home Chefs: 5 Pieces of essential work uniform to wear

    A new year means new beginnings. However, the events that the world endured when it entered the year 2020 might have put a stop to the new year’s resolutions you have set in stone. One of them may be to set up a small restaurant business! Even though the Food and Beverage industry has been greatly affected by this pandemic, you should not lose hope since you can always start your business from the comfort of your home! Online businesses are flourishing now, and you should take advantage of it! All you need to do is have a platform where your customers can reach you! It is how uniform suppliers in Singapore get our customers as well. Ac

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  8. The Importance of a Chef Uniform for the Workplace

    chef in workwear

    Many professional occupations today need a uniform that can be easily distinguished from others. Similar to salespeople who are dressed in blouses and tight skirts, you would have no difficulty in telling who is the employee from a customer in a departmental store. A restaurant is like this too. 

    As a restaurateur, you may have experienced situations when customers want to give credit to the person who cooked their delicious meal. Being a representative of your brand, you would want your chefs to be clad in stylish chef workwear. It is about elevating their profile and presenting themselves as a professional, and uniforms can do that for you.

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  9. An Interesting History of Chef Uniforms

    chef in his workwear

    Every aspect of the kitchen ranging from the positions to the origins of sauces comes from a story and has an important part to play when it comes to the rich history of cooking. The same can be said for chef workwear when first introduced by Marie-Antoine Carême in the mid-19th century, chef wear was meant primarily as a symbol of respect for accomplished chefs. And each piece of the uniform serves a specific purpose. If you’ve ever wondered why the hat is so tall or why the trousers have checkers, read on.

    The Toque

    Also known as the chef

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  10. Wash Care Label: Knowing the Symbols

    It has happened to us all. It gets to the end of the day when you are tired, and you just shove all of your workwear uniforms into the washing machine on a quick-wash cycle. Whilst this may seem like the most time-efficient way to do your laundry, it could be bad news for your uniforms. Not looking out for washing symbols on the labels of your clothing could lead to your garments being ruined in the wash.


    To help avoid damaging your uniforms when doing the laundry, it is important to look out for wash care label. Here are five basic wash care symbols that you should know of.

    machine washing


    1. Machine washing

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