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  1. The Importance of a Chef Uniform for the Workplace

    chef in workwear

    Many professional occupations today need a uniform that can be easily distinguished from others. Similar to salespeople who are dressed in blouses and tight skirts, you would have no difficulty in telling who is the employee from a customer in a departmental store. A restaurant is like this too. 

    As a restaurateur, you may have experienced situations when customers want to give credit to the person who cooked their delicious meal. Being a representative of your brand, you would want your chefs to be clad in stylish chef workwear. It is about elevating their profile and presenting themselves as a professional, and uniforms can do that for you.

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  2. An Interesting History of Chef Uniforms

    chef in his workwear

    Every aspect of the kitchen ranging from the positions to the origins of sauces comes from a story and has an important part to play when it comes to the rich history of cooking. The same can be said for chef workwear when first introduced by Marie-Antoine Carême in the mid-19th century, chef wear was meant primarily as a symbol of respect for accomplished chefs. And each piece of the uniform serves a specific purpose. If you’ve ever wondered why the hat is so tall or why the trousers have checkers, read on.

    The Toque

    Also known as the chef

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  3. Wash Care Label: Knowing the Symbols

    It has happened to us all. It gets to the end of the day when you are tired, and you just shove all of your workwear uniforms into the washing machine on a quick-wash cycle. Whilst this may seem like the most time-efficient way to do your laundry, it could be bad news for your uniforms. Not looking out for washing symbols on the labels of your clothing could lead to your garments being ruined in the wash.


    To help avoid damaging your uniforms when doing the laundry, it is important to look out for wash care label. Here are five basic wash care symbols that you should know of.

    machine washing


    1. Machine washing

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